About Us

Openjobmetis S.p.A. is an employment agency that has been on the Italian market for over 20 years. Its activity is to supply, recruit, redely and train personnel.
The current configuration of the company was created in December 2011 following the merger between Openjob and Metis.
Openjobmetis is the number one operator of the sector listed on the Borsa Italiana EXM. It serves as a bridge linking companies that are looking for personnel with the resources who in turn are seeking employment, with the goal of optimally cross-referencing employment demand and supply.

Owing to its solid experience gained over the years, to its investments geared toward supporting growth and to the continuous innovation and personalisation of its customer services, Openjobmetis is one of the leading operators in the sector and boasts a consolidated turnover at year-end 2021 of about Euro 720,8 million.

The Openjobmetis Group offers a wide range of services that allows to satisfy the needs of custumor companies and to ensure "good" flexibility, namely the use of qualified personnel - in observance of the worker's rights and duties - and promptness in its supply.

The Openjobmetis Group operates throughout Italy with a widespread network of about 150 branches and its headquarters in Gallarate, in the province of Varese.
The Group numbers approximately over 800 direct employees and operations that supplies labour to over 9.000 companies.

Its offer consists of:

  • Employment agency
    As an employment agency, Openjobmetis provides to the client companies personnel directly employed on a temporary or permanent (through stabilization or staff leasing) basis, and provides integrated management of the employment relationship ranging from the bureaucratic-administrative aspects to training.Furthermore through the subsidiary Family Care Srl - Agenzia per il Lavoro, the Group provides to the client families family care services for elderly and non-sufficient people.
  • Personnel Recruitment and Selection
    With this service, the Group Openjobmetis, through the subsidiary Seltis Hub Srl, singles out the professionals best suited for the needs of its customers.
  • Training
    The Group Openjobmetis, through the subsidiaries HC Srl and Lyve Srl, supplies innovative training solutions for the direct personnel of its client companies. Furthermore, through the Forma.Temp, contributes to the temporary workers training.
  • Outplacement
    Outplacement is a process that supports professional redeployment for those leaving a company. It is a tool for retraining and for training in preparation of a new placement. Through its subsidiary HC Srl, the Group Openjobmetis offers a consulting service to support the worker's re-placement through an orientation and a training program focused on managing the change.